Engineering Design Graphics: Into the 21st Century


  • La Verne Abe Harris Purdue University
  • Frederick Meyers The Ohio State University


Graphical plans for construction of machinery and architecture have evolved over the last 6,000 years beginning from hieroglyphics to drawings on printable media, from the “Golden Age” of engineering graphics to the innovation of computer graphics and prototyping. The evolution of engineering design graphics as a profession has also evolved. Years before we entered the 21st century, higher education began to address the changes that technology brought to the curriculum. Now that we have entered the 21st century, we must move forward with technological innovations and creative thinking, but be cautious that we do not lose the art of freehand sketching. This paper traces the journey of engineering design graphics and the impact it has had in the academe and on the profession and the way designers work. It addresses the future of the field and the inevitable changes that emerging technologies will bring.




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