At-Risk Learner Preference in Engineering/Technical Graphics: An Exploratory Study


  • Jeremy V. Ernst


This exploratory study investigated learner preferences of secondary Career and Technical Education (CTE) Engineering/Technical Graphics students using the VARK Questionnaire.  The VARK Questionnaire is an instrument that assists in determining students’ dominant preferred learning styles, whether visual, aural, reading, or kinesthetic.  This study identifies learner preferences of high school student participants and examines learner preference differences among at-risk students and students not categorized as at-risk.  Results of this study highlight an identifiable preference toward kinesthetic learning for at-risk and not at-risk participants.  Through statistical evaluation and analysis, common learner preferences among at-risk participants and not at-risk participants were identified.  Results and findings of this study present the possibility that instruction, practice, and implementation can be uniformly addressed in CTE Engineering/Technical Graphics while maintaining favored means of learning for at-risk and not at-risk students alike.



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