Transfer of Learning Between 3D Modeling Systems


  • Eric N. Wiebe NC State University


Recently, many individuals have been faced with a transfer of learning issue, surrounding the move from one 3-D CAD system to another.  The purpose of this research was to test the hypothesis that, with minimal instruction, users can transfer their established high level modeling strategies between packages (thus preserving an important element of efficiency and effectiveness).  This transfer will take place once they have mastered the basic syntax necessary to execute their strategies.  The results of the study clearly showed the initial conflict when there were syntactic differences between the software tools in executing a specific modeling strategy. There was also clear evidence as to the differences in effective strategy transfer when the move was between two constraint-based modelers versus a modeler that did not use a constraint-based modeling process and one that did.  This study demonstrated clear differences between the transfer of syntactic and semantic level knowledge from one 3-D modeling system to another.  The results of this study also have implications for the design of training and educational programs, pointing to the importance of delineating between software package-dependent and independent skills and knowledge.



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