A Qualitative Study Examining the Spatial Ability Phenomenon from the Chinese Student Perspective


  • Helen W Kang Purdue University
  • James L Mohler Purdue University
  • Soyoung Choi Purdue University
  • Yuehua Chen Harbin Institute of Technology
  • Chunhui Zheng Harbin Institute of Technology


The authors used holistic and structured interviews to examine Chinese student perspectives on their own spatial ability. The results of this study were compared and contrast with a previous study that was conducted by Mohler (2008) of Caucasian student perspectives in United States. Findings of the current study agree with other literature that Chinese student spatial ability may be culturally formed. Their background, experiences, and upbringing may contribute to Chinese student development of spatial ability and appear to differ significantly from students in United States. Recommendations and educational implications are discussed in the following contribution.



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